Please note that the following prices are approximate and are subject to change according to your requirements. Please email us for a more accurate quote.



Depending on the complexity of the design; a basic buttercream swirl will cost from £1.50 and a cupcake decorated with fondant details will cost from £1.80 - £2.50.


  • Box of 6 from £10

  • Box of 12 from £18


Decorated Cookie Biscuits from: £1.00 each (minimum order 12)



Serving Guide and Prices





















Giant Cupcake: from £30


Number and Letter Cakes:

Prices vary depending on the size of the required number or letter cake and whether it is a single number or a Double Number.


  • Single numbers or letters  start from £45

  • Double numbers or start from £85

  • Each additional letter starts from 40



Tiered Cakes(Iced):

  • 2 tier - 5" and 7"  round: £60

  • 2 tier - 6" and 8"  round/square: £80

  • 2 tier - 7" and 9"  round/square £90

  • 2 tier - 8" and 10" round/square: £100

  • 2 tier - 9" and 12" round/square: £110


  • 3 tier - 5'', 6'' and 7'' round: £100



3D / Novelty Cakes:


Our carved cakes start from £60 for 25 servings.



Wedding Cakes:

Our wedding cakes start from £65 for a simple 2 tier(5" and 7") or from £100 for a simple 3 tier(5'', 6'' and 7'') iced cake, however, the price can change according to the level of detail, size, flavour, sugar flowers, piping detail etc.


Naked Wedding Cakes:

Our naked wedding cake come with a choice of fruits and or fresh flowers.  Prices are as follows

  • £180 for 70 servings

  • £220 for 90 servings

  • £260 for 120 servings


NOTE: An additional £5 applies when choosing any of the deluxe flavours. Extra height cakes come at an extra charge. Please email us for prices. Prices listed here are approximate starting prices for all our cakes. They are subject to change according to flavour, design and decoration required, sugar flowers, sugar models and if a sculpted or novelty cake is required. Please contact us for a quote. Cake orders are not confirmed until either a *20% deposit has been paid or the order has been **paid in full.


*if the order is placed over a month in advance.

**if the order is placed within 2 weeks.


 Payments can be made to our bank account by Bank transfer or via PayPal